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Inheritance property and executor problems Property 31 May 2017

Problems with executor how to claim property inheritance?


How do I get a divorce Maritime law 24 May 2017

I live with my, we have not had a relationship now for going two years. She says she is not in love with me, and she doesn\'t want to to touch her, have...


Compensation for pain and suffering Accident 12 Apr 2017

I sliced my thumb tendon shinning a wine glass(bottom of wine glass broke due to the pressure being used to take all the lint out the glass)with a table...


Advice regarding deposit Property 4 Dec 2016

Estate agent is claiming I damaged goods in my apartment, which I didn\'t. They are refusing to return my deposit, which has now been 30 days. No opening...


Not wanting a messy separation. Family 15 Aug 2015

I am a bajan Canadian, currently visiting family in Canada. I am married to a bajan and have 2 children (3 years and 10 months). I am looking for a job...


Power of attorney dementia Family 7 Aug 2015

To get power of attorney for my mother who has dementia do I need to have my brothers permission/signature or can I get power of attorney without informing...


grevious body harm w intent...i am the victm Criminal 13 May 2015

very complex case...have a lot of questions and fears...i came thru the victims unit and as result of the attack i ve had reconstructive surgery on my...


married in 1990, both parties want annulment Family 10 Apr 2015

WE both want annulment and it would be uncontested ( grounds of non-comsumation, female partner was not aware of problem at time of marriage). Is there...


percentage of fees charged property tax, stamp duty, searchandrecordin Property 26 Nov 2014

purchasing land want to know about fees charged also is there a standard lawyers for the transaction


Penalty for Returning Home Sooner than Return Date on Invitation Lette ANY 27 Jun 2014

If a Bajan returns to Barbados sooner than an Invitation Letter, *can they be penalized and fined by their employer for it (eg: if they were a Port employee...


how to obtain a lawyer who will be paid AFTER the distribution of prop Property 18 Jun 2014

I need to obtain my share of property left to me in my father's will.


What is the position of a wife of two months with regard to ANY 5 Sep 2013

I was married just over two months and my husband recently died . He was previously married but was divorced for a number of years. He had one son from...


Help with visitation rights Family 11 May 2013

My son\'s mother and I are not together and she tells me she wants to put me in court but i dont know why. She does not let me see my son unless its on...


gfhfghfghfg Accident 12 Apr 2012



what comes after a tenant has been given a notice to quit ANY 17 Nov 2011

I have receive a Notice to Quit and the time to vacate is close at hand and I havent found any place to go yet. What are the procedures that the landlord...


Can I get Legal Aid Family 13 Jul 2011

Been served divorce papers last month and the hearing comes up in September 2011. I have no steady source of income. Cannot afford a lawyer. What do I...


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