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ANY »Posted 21 Feb 2019 Post Answer

legal question There is this government agency called the National Insurance Service and it seems to me that they hold no accountability for their actions or lack thereof.
I have been waiting on an unemployment cheque from them for close to 5 weeks now.
It is because of a mistake that they had made on the system which they only became aware of once I began to enquire about my cheque. Well, when I did, they asked me a bunch of questions relating to my claimant card and the stamps on it. My card is in order by the way.
Well, then they said they would sort it out.
More weeks pass by and still nothing.
This time I went down there with my passport and card as they had mentioned that I was out of the country, which was not true. Again they went through the stamps on my claimant card and said that now they have all the information to sort it out. I was then told to call back near the end of the following week.
Now I call them and AGAIN the same person wants look through my account to compare it to my claimant card. It is almost like absolutely nothing was done between my visit the week before and now.
AGAIN they tell me that now they have the necessary information, they will sort it out.
Now it has apparently moved on the the next department but I was told about 'when they get onto it' and 'when them ready to print more cheques'. In the meantime I have had to suffer as someone who hasn't been employed since October and cannot work or leave the country as per the terms of the unemployment claim. Even if I did work I will still have to wait a week or two for some money.
My point is that they made the mistake and they need to fix it; but if they were actually doing that then it would have been sorted already. My case has been shown a complete lack of attention, and this is an unemployment cheque, not a lottery cheque. It is very much needed.
I have bill backing up and cannot wait for them to 'get around to doing it'.
Since this is a service I am paying for, but didn't ask for, don't I at least have some rights.
They have left me to suffer while they 'go about their business'.
Would the NIS be liable for any interest that occurs during this time because of their poor service; and should I feel in anyway entitled to some form of compensation for my suffering or should I just go into Jordan Supermarket and steal.
What can I do to make them get up off their behinds and get me my cheque. Since it was their work that was supposed to have been done and wasn't. And I already paid for the service. I need my cheque. This is serious.
Thank you I'm advance for any advice or information that you could give.

I'm sorry for the long explanation but I'm very cheesed off at this point and that usually makes me rant a little bit.

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